Call for Artists!

AdventureX 2018 will take place on November 10th and 11th, and we are currently gearing up to run a Kickstarter campaign. Huzzah! Last years event was illustrated by Simon Reid, who created these adorable mix-and-match figurines:

We want to work with a new artist to define the look of the 2018 event. We have a modest budget for this project, and we’re looking for someone who’s ready to get started soon.

We want to stick with the idea of illustrating existing game characters, but we’re keen to explore new styles. Inspired by our partnership with the British Library, we’re looking for art that would suit the pages of an adventurer’s journal, or adorning some kind of adventurous bookmark.

We’ll also want to produce the ever-popular pin badges. So we’d love to hear from artists whose style would translate well into this kind of cool memento.

How to Apply

Please email using the subject “Artist Application”.

Please do:

  • Include a link to your portfolio, or samples of your work.
  • Think about know how your style could complement Kickstarter rewards.
  • Let us know your usual rates.
  • Tell us why you care about narrative games.

Closing date: June 1st.

2016 Pin Badges