Hello everyone! Small update since more coverage has appeared online. We’re also getting videos up on our own youtube archive.

First off a brief bit of house keeping. If you attended AdventureX in 2016, we’d love to hear from you. We have a short survey we’d love you to fill out!


Stephen Brown at Adventuregamers.com posted his annual AdventureX round-up in two parts ( part one ) ( Part two). Adventure Corner have a number of interviews they conducted at the event posted up, and Adventure-Treff  also continued to upload footage.

Writer & narrative designer Victor Ojuel has also been blogging about AdventureX from an interactive fiction focus. Meanwhile gaming podcast Crate & Crowbar talked about the event as well as some of the problems they have with adventure games. The Backseat designers uploaded two videos as well as a podcast.


Meanwhile, on the exhibitor front  Her Majesty’s Spiffing, has launched, and Little Acre is out in a few days.