Wow thank you everyone! I think it’s safe to say the AdventureX team is utterly exhausted. We were blown away by the turnout, we reached max capacity by midday Saturday ( 220+ people), and almost hit max capacity Sunday.

We appreciate the support from all of you, from the devs who helped with Steam keys on the Kickstarter, backers, sponsors, volunteers,speakers, exhibitors, and attendees. We’d also like to thank anyone we had to ask wait whilst we wrangled the entrance numbers, the last thing we ever wanted to do was turn people away. Rest assured we’ll be discussing how to handle that better in future years. Most positively it was incredible to see such an amazing and diverse turnout.

Attendees enjoy Waifu High

At the time of writing our livestream is all up on Twitch still, it’ll expire two weeks after the event. Rest assured Jake is hard at work archiving the videos and hopefully cleaning them up.  We’re also looking forward to the photos that our photographer Sky took. Ali is busy sorting out the rest of the Kickstarter rewards, and once that’s done he’ll start work on the documentary that we promised as a stretch goal.

Meanwhile, Adventure-Treff were also filming the talks as well as conducting their own interviews with videos already making their way to youtube. They also have a photo gallery on Facebook. The folks at Killmonday games uploaded a travel vlog which also features adorable cats.

Writer Richard Cobbett wrote up a lovely blog entry about the event, and Backwoods Entertainment also gave a brief update. We’ve also been reading your Twitter updates. Keep the videos, pictures and logs coming and be sure to follow us on Twitter. If you have any feedback or comments let us know.

Once again thank you all for your support!