It’s a slightly overdue AdventureX update!

Thanks to everyone who applied to our artist vacancy. It was really hard to choose but we’ve made a selection, you’ll see the amazing artwork very soon. To confirm, AdventureX will return to Goldsmiths University in London. UK on November 11-12 2017.

I know a bunch of you are really excited about the event and have been asking about how to get involved. We’ll be running public applications for talks, volunteers and spaces in the exhibition hall during the Kickstarter. We’ve had a lot of questions so I thought I’d try and respond to them all here as there are some changes based on the feedback we received last year.

This is a lot of people waiting to get into the event in 2016. Photo by Sky

For Attendees:

If you want to come to AdventureX as an attendee, keep an eye out for the Kickstarter. We’ll be offering a limited edition “Guest List” reward that will allow you guaranteed entry if you collect your entry wristband in the morning. That will then allow you entry to the event all day. Being on the Guest List is not mandatory, we’ll still have free wristbands available on the door. (Please note the Guest List only applies before 12.00pm, after which any unclaimed wristbands will become available on a first-come-first-served basis.)

In previous years we’ve run the entire event as first-come-first-served but, as you may have seen last year, the event filled up Saturday and we had to turn people away. Offering this reward allows us to offer a fair chance of guaranteed entry to those travelling long distances, but still allows us some free spaces so we can continue to maintain our open and inclusive entry policy. This is a system often used by “pay what you want” live comedy gigs. We hope this allows us to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to attend.

We’ll also be opening volunteer/gopher positions which will guarantee entry all day as well as light refreshments and a staggering feeling of well-being. In exchange, we’ll need your help during the day to help us run the event.

If you want to get involved:

Please don’t try to apply before we open applications. The quality of submissions has been extraordinarily high the past few years, and whilst we’d love to accept everyone that applies we just can’t. We do our best to have a programme that covers as wide a range of creators and projects as we can, so we’d rather wait until the end of the submission window to make a choice. In a similar vein, even if we’ve accepted your talk or project in past years please don’t announce your game as being at the event in 2017 until the application process is complete and we’ve e-mailed you to offer space.

The submission window will run at the same time as our 2017 Kickstarter which will run for a month from July 8th 2017.

We’ll give precise dates very soon. We have a have a few logistical things to sort out as well as ironing out some final details with some really exciting guest speakers.


As in previous years, exhibiting at the event is free, and will come with two slots on the guest list. If your team is bigger than this, you’ll need to decide which two people you’ll send to represent you. We can make exceptions in certain circumstances e.g if you have a disability or health issue where you require a carer or assistant, in that case if we offer you a space let us know. We have limited space at the venue and try very hard to balance the numbers between exhibitors and attendees.

If you’re exhibiting you’ll need to bring yourself, and your own equipment and anything else you may need to make your table look nice. You also need to cover your own travel and expenses Also super important and new for this year:

When submitting an application you’ll need to submit a demo build. This will need to be in with your application and submitted during the July 8th to mid August 7th application window.

The build doesn’t have to be final quality or the build you bring to the event, but it should represent the minimum you’d bring to the conference if the worst happens and you’re not able to work on your project between submission and the event. Last year we know at least one group arrived at the conference without a build, and whilst we understand last-minute problems can occur, the exhibition space is for playable games, either completed or in development. We’re still investigating livestream tech and assuming we get the go-ahead we’ll have a separate submission window for trailers closer to the event.

Please make an effort with your application, even if you know us or have exhibited before!. Write a full description and include relevant information about your game and team. Don’t rush and make yourself ill on our account. If your game isn’t ready… wait until next year!


Speaker applications will be open during the Kickstarter. Again, even if you are an AdventureX regular, make sure your talk description is the best you can make it. We accept a wide range of topics focusing on narrative in games. Think hard and surprise us! Speakers also have confirmed entry for themselves, and a carer or assistant if needed. I just want to dispel the myths at that you won’t feel uncomfortable because of permanent erection. Viagra pills act only at the time of sexual desire.

Please note we can’t pay speakers or cover overseas travel. Depending on the success of the Kickstarter we may be able to help towards UK travel and refreshments, but we can’t fly anyone in for the event. If you’re based overseas and are happy to cover your travel yourself then let us know. Some of you do fly in and it boggles our minds.


If you’d like to be on a panel let us know, we don’t have any specific topics so If you have ideas let us know especially if you’d be willing to chair the panel. Do let us know as much as you can about yourself so we can make sure we place people on the appropriate panels. Again we can’t pay you to attend.


This was longer than I intended but we’re doing our best to be as clear as we can. If we’re a little slow to reply, please be patient. The three of us are arranging this event in our spare time, and as fate would have it we’re all super busy in our day jobs. Thanks for your patience we want this event to get better, but we also want to make sure everyone is safe and happy.