Some Speaker News

Tickets are now on sale for AdventureX 2019, and we wanted to announce a selection of the speakers who will be joining us on the 2nd and 3rd of November. We’re really excited to have such a varied and inspiring line-up of writers and developers sharing their experience. Our 2019 programme will include:

Dan Marshall @DanThat

Dan Marshall

Bafta-winner Dan Marshall (Time Gentlemen Please, Behold the Kickmen) has created some of the funniest, quirkiest games in the dev-o-sphere. He’s joining us to discuss his latest game: Lair Of The Clockwork God – a fusion of indie platforming and point-and-click puzzling.

Meg Jayanth @betterthemask

Meg Jayanth (80 Days, Samsara) will join us in fireside-chat-mode, to discuss her work as a writer and freelance digital producer. Having won the IGF Award for Excellence in Narrative for 80 Days in 2015, Meg hosted the 2019 ceremony and used the platform to lead a call for unionisation.

Katherine Neil @haikus_by_kn

Katherine Neil (Astrologaster, Alone in the Park) has serious thoughts about comedy in games. Astrologaster, a “lively and surprising comedy” (The Guardian) has been a resounding critical success. But Katherine will ask if comedy has been undervalued in the rush to prove that games can be ‘serious’ art.

Jess Haskins @jess_haskins

Jess Haskins (Lamplight City, Hiveswap) is a game designer and writer at Paperback Studios. In a sequel to her 2017 talk about the Politics of Worldbuilding, Jess’s craft-focused talk will offer practical advice for game creators who want to enhance their storytelling by incorporating diverse cultural influences.

Ed Fear @edfear

Ed Fear (Hatoful Boyfriend, Heavenstrike Rivals) is a freelancer and writer for Mediatonic. He’ll be talking to us about writing a third-wave gay character. How do you represent the whole spectrum of thought of a community when you’re just one person? It meant walking a uniquely difficult tightrope – a tightrope Ed promptly fell off.

The Dark Room @Robbotron

Terrifying bastard John Robertson will return to AdventureX with the hilarious live video game The Dark Room: a unique interactive comedy experience blending sensory deprivation, random death and retro fun. The Dark Room video game is currently in Early Access on Steam.

Please note: line-ups are subject to change at short notice.