Hi everyone, we’re getting excitingly close to AdventureX! Brought to you by the AdventureX team together with the British Library as part of International Games week. Please read this post carefully, and if you have friends attending who you know don’t tend to read this stuff please poke ’em, for us!

Travel & Tickets

The event will be held in the Knowledge Centre (not the main Library). You will need a ticket to attend either obtained via Kickstarter or purchased from the British Library. We won’t be sending out physical tickets.

On the day when you arrive please head to one of the tables at the entrance, and show the volunteer either your backer email or your British library booking email, and they’ll then give you a wristband for the day and a lanyard. We’ll issue a different wristband for each day so you’ll need to check in both days.

The lanyard is an optional way to identify yourself, you will however need a wristband so you can leave and re-enter the conference. The event is completely sold out, and tickets won’t be available on the day so please don’t travel to the event unless you have a ticket or are part of the event (speaker, volunteer, exhibitor).

There will also be a table to collect Kickstarter rewards. We’ll likely open it during the first break in the schedule, to give us time to get people in.

Bag Checks

Doors will open at 10am, bag checks will be in effect. Please don’t bring any large bags or luggage or anything sharp. If you’re travelling we advise you ask your hotel to hang onto luggage for you, or use a left luggage facility which can be found all over London including at King’s Cross Station. We also advise you leave yourself extra time to have your bag checked when planning your trip. You may also want keep an eye on the TFL website for travel disruptions, and allow yourself plenty of time both to travel to the event and to get home or catch a flight.


We’re happy for attendees to cosplay, but ask you don’t bring any cosplay weaponry. We also suggest you pick costumes that will be comfortable to move around in, and won’t obstruct anyone’s view during talks. We look forward to seeing your costumes!


There will be a cafe open in the conference centre serving drinks, as well as another kiosk in the quad outside. There are also a wide variety of eating places nearby.

Livestream & Talks

Talks will be streamed on Twitch, thanks to our generous Kickstarter backers we’ll also have a professional filming the talks in higher quality which will be posted on YouTube after the event. Thanks to the sponsorship of The Weather Factory, we’ll be hosting some BSL signers. We’re still waiting to trial our AV tech so they may not be visible on stream but we hope to capture them for YouTube.

The schedule is here.

If you’re making a narrative game and would like your trailer (keep ‘em brief) played during our short breaks on Twitch please add it on YouTube here. Since it’s random we can’t guarantee all trailers will be played, or that they won’t get cut off if a talk is ready to start. We typically leave the trailers to play whilst we take our break, so please don’t chase us to play your videos. We just like supporting the community, but we like being able to take regular breaks even more.


Thanks to SFB games we have a pub booked out for both Saturday and Sunday night. We have a different venue each night both within about 15 mins walk to the venue. We’ll be announcing the locations a bit closer to the event. You’ll need your AdventureX wristband to get into the pub. Space is also limited with the pub capacity being smaller than the knowledge centre’s max space. If we do fill up our reserved space, additional entry into the pubs will be at the discretion of the pub landlord.

Exhibitors & Speakers

We should have sent emails out to most of you, please read ‘em through. If for any reason you can longer attend let us know. We had more applicants that we had space this year, so if you can’t make it we may be able to offer the space to someone else. We also don’t want to worry about you.

>If you haven’t done so please confirm the name of of the ( up to two) people from your team who will be attending.

Other Information for Developers

If you didn’t get into the exhibition you can of course still take your build on a small personal device to show your game to people you might meet at the event. Please don’t set up a permanent demo station or leave your device unattended.

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If you meet with members of the press ( and we hope you do), please remind them that you are attending as an individual and your game isn’t part of the official selection.

You can also hand out flyers/cards, but please be sure to tidy up any remaining leaflets when you leave at the end of the day.

Social Media

The official hashtag for the event is #AdvX18. Keep an eye on our Twitter for last moment announcements. Feel free to tweet away, and use common sense and courtesy when taking pictures.

Phew! You got to the end well done. We look forward to seeing you all either in person or on Twitch soon!