We’re entering the final week of the Kickstarter, the perfect time to announce some of the special guests who will be joining us to give talks, speak on panels and exhibit games!

We’re very excited to be able to bring together such an interesting array of writers and designers to tackle the big questions of interactive storytelling in 2016.

Special Guests

We will also be joined by comedian John Robertson performing the critically-acclaimed live-action edition of his YouTube hit The Dark Room (“This is the future of gaming” – Ron Gilbert).

Keep ‘Em Coming!

The list above isn’t exhaustive. We’ll be welcoming lots of other speakers and exhibitors in addition to these guests, and we’ll publish a full schedule in October.

Applications for talks and exhibitors are still open and we are particularly keen to hear from anyone working on visual novels, walking simulators or any kind of unconventional interactive narrative. Click here to apply now!

If you’ve already applied – thank you! We’re aiming to respond to every application by early October.

Keep Spreading the News

Please keep sharing our Kickstarter with people who might like to attend, exhibit or back the campaign. Let’s see if we can hit our final stretch goal of £4800!

I leave you with a few new (enigmatic?) AdventureX Toons:

Mystery Toons