We’ve recently been made aware of a limited number of Macs in the main expo area of AdventureX that we’ve been allowed the use of. We thought this would be an excellent chance to feature a few more games at the event. We’re opening limited submission for narrative-based games for Mac (or are browser-based and play in Safari). Either demos or short games are fine.

The Macs are in a row across the wall,  and not to be confused with exhibitors who have full table space. These Macs will be the most part unmanned so demos ideally will self-restart at the end of play. You don’t need to be attending the event in person. If you are coming we look forward to seeing you, but keep in mind there won’t be space for you to remain by the Mac showing your game.

We’re also not likely to have access to these computers ahead of time, so we therefore discourage anyone creating content specifically for this event as we can’t test games until the morning of AdventureX.

The Mac Minis are running OSX 10.9.5

Please e-mail contact@adventurexpo.org


  • The name of your game
  • Links to appropriate websites/videos for your game.
  • A PDF with your game’s logo ( if appropriate) and a short paragraph about the game. We’ll print these off and place them by each Mac showing a game.

Deadline is Wednesday 16th November