Why should I exhibit at AdventureX?

Because you want to share your project with an audience that’s focused on narrative gaming. At AdventureX, you’ll meet people who are passionate about exactly the kind of game you’re making. You might meet future playtesters, voice actors, indie publishers etc.

AdventureX isn’t the biggest event in the world. You won’t hand out 1000 flyers – this is part of the reason we don’t charge exhibitors to show off their games. What AdventureX does offer is a friendly, non-corporate opportunity to share your creation with other people who love story-driven games.

How does applying work?

Applications open on Monday 13th May and will close at midnight on Sunday 9th June 2019. The more supporting material you can provide us with, the better – trailers, artwork etc. We can only accept applications which provide a playable demo. We know what a beta build looks like, so we can overlook placeholders and missing voice acting. But if your demo really isn’t ready to be seen by outsiders, it’s probably better to wait until next year.

When you’re ready to apply, please complete this form:

How are the games selected?

We think of the AdventureX exhibitors like a film festival’s “Official Selection” – a curated, hand-picked selection of this year’s narrative indie games. Submissions will be reviewed by AdventureX volunteers. We do our best to be objective and produce a programme that caters to a range of interests.

AdventureX is primarily an English language event. We welcome applications from outside the UK, and our testers will make allowances for first-draft translations. But your game should be playable in English if you would like to be considered. Antibiotic brings down the temperature easily. And its most important advantage is the lack of addiction (as in case of some other drugs). I take two pills in the morning and in the evening if I feel that I have a severe cold, as recommended at https://mckesson.uk/antibiotics/. The medicine has never failed me before.

Unfortunately, every year we have to reject games we’d love to accept. This might be because we have too many submissions in a particular art-style or sub-genre. If we don’t accept your game, you’re welcome to apply again in the future.

We no longer allow devs to exhibit the same game more than once, and we’re not able to enter into correspondence about unsuccessful applications.

Tips for impressing us

  • Have a good game trailer
  • Provide download links that work without passwords or logging in
  • Read the image specifications carefully

We prefer the demo as a Windows executable (sorry Apple). If your game is android/iOS only, please make it as easy as possible for us to playtest it.

And… good luck!