Welcome to the brand spanking new AdventureX website!

The Story Begins in… Didcot?

James Broom of Infamous Quests
James Broom of Infamous Quests 2011

The first AdventureX was held in at Didcot Labour Club in 2011. It was organized solely by developer and publisher Mark Lovegrove of Screen 7. A small but dedicated band of people gathered to demo some games, talk adventure gaming and eat home-made sandwiches.

It was probably one of the smallest ‘conventions’ I have ever been to, and proved to be one of the best by far. It felt just like a weekend at the pub with mates, most of whom I simply hadn’t met before. The talks were excellent and I think every single person in the room felt energized and ready to tackle their own game design projects. The event was probably a bit too energizing for the venue, and it was demolished shortly after. They actually had to knock it down. That’s how we roll.

A New Chapter in the Capital

2012 saw the event move to London, and began our grand tradition of invading various educational establishments. The move to London allowed AdventureX to grow, and saw a fuller program of guest talks plus a dedicated exhibition space.

Exhibitor Area 2015
Exhibitor Area 2015

Along the way, the roll-call of event organisers has grown to include myself, Berian, Tom and Ali; as well as an extended family of supporters and repeat attendees who give up their time and energy to speak, exhibit and sponsor us.

It’s  fantastic and a little terrifying when you realize that people will willingly fly half way across the planet to give up their time and take part. The energy has only grown, as more and more people come to share their games, see the exhibitors or watch the talks. It’s now 2016, and the last five years have seen an incredible array of narrative-based games, ranging from the smallest personal projects to staggering AAA releases.

Our Continuing (Non-Space-Based) Mission

Lots of good discussions
AdventureX 2014 – lots of good discussion taking place

AdventureX spawned, as many wonderful things have, from the Adventure Game Studio forums. From the start, AdventureX has opened its doors to any games with a narrative focus. In addition to our beloved point and click adventure games, we’ve featured RPGs, Game Books, Visual Novels, Interactive Fiction and even TV’s Knightmare. Speakers and exhibitors range from industry veterans, to passionate creatives making their first projects. We want everyone to be welcome at AdventureX. If you love games with strong narrative focus then we want you to take part. Join us, play games and meet other creative people in a vibrant part of London.

Of course lets not forget the pub
Of course let’s not forget the pub

We’ve taken previous years’ feedback on board and are working hard to make this year better than ever. We’ll be updating this site, and have set up a dedicated Twitter and Tumblr to complement our Facebook Group. We are currently preparing to launch a Kickstarter for the 2016 event. Entry to the event itself will still be free, but we want to give AdventureX’s supporters an opportunity to make the event even more rewarding.

Let’s make 2016 the best AdventureX yet.