Since our last blog update we’ve blasted through all but one of our stretch goals, we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated, shared and tweeted about the event so far. AdventureX is a community endeavour which relies on your support, thank you!

If you’ve followed any of our social media accounts you’ll have seen us asking for talk, panellist and speaker submissions. In addition to this we’ve been talking some really awesome special guests. The submissions so far have been really great , but we’d like to see more and what we really want is a big variety. This blog isn’t actually aimed at anyone who’s applied so far, it’s sort of being cast into the great vast internet. We can’t invite people to exhibit and speak if we don’t know they are out there!


Thanks to our roots in the adventure game community we’ve got a ton of great adventure game submissions, and we’re happy to see more but we also want to dig a little deeper. There are numerous genres of games and related media that are typically story heavy, RPGs, gamebooks, interactive fiction and visual novels to name a few; and we get very few submissions in these genres. We don’t actually have a genre restriction, as long as there’s a narrative aspect to your game somewhere we want to see your application. AdventureX is free to attend and exhibit at, so there’s nothing to lose but your time.

As for the talks, surprise us. The remit of AdventureX is to explore “ narrative and storytelling” in games, if it sounds a little broad it is, quite deliberately. Immediately when we think about narrative we often think of writing, that in itself is a massive topic; dialogue, story structure, localisation. But I think that scrapes a tiny tip of the iceberg, game development typically is a group endeavour; how about audio? Character design? Environment art? Performance capture? I’d also like to emphasise here that you do not have to be a professional to pitch a talk or exhibit at the event. Small personal projects and entry level tutorials are just as welcome as industry professionals. Heck if you wanted to you could pitch a talk about Batman Easter eggs in Sierra games.

The idea of AdventureX is to encourage as many different kinds of people as we can ( that goes for attendees too) and create something really special. Thanks to your Kickstarter donations, we have a lovely venue ( with parking) but the real challenge now is to fill it to the brim with ideas.

We’ll start to asses applications in early October once the Kickstarter ends. Keep submitting your talks, panels and exhibition applications and keep on sharing the AdventureX link!

( p.s I’ve been posting a selection of previous year’s talks! Go check it out!