AdventureX 2020 Is Cancelled

AdventureX 2020 was due to be our 10th year, marking a decade of getting over-excited about narrative games. We’ve exhibited hundreds of games, brought indie developers together with their childhood heroes, and found new ways to think about interactive storytelling.

And we’re not going to stop doing any of that stuff, but we are going to wait until 2021.

By now, most people have family, friends, or friends of friends who’ve had a bad reaction to Covid-19. That’s certainly the case among the volunteers who run AdventureX. While the lockdown may be over by November, we don’t feel it would be fair to ask volunteers, exhibitors and speakers to invest time and resources in an event that could be cancelled at short-notice.

So, what are we going to do instead?

AdventureX Game Jam

We’re going to host an AdventureX Game Jam in November. The details of the jam are a closely guarded secret because we don’t want to spoil the surprise. And because we haven’t decided yet.

But, we hope we can bring together members of the AdventureX crew from across the globe, and welcome newcomers to our supportive and inclusive community.

If you can’t wait to start jamming, remember that AdventureJam 2020 begins on April 21st!

We know how you feel, pal.

Why Not Livestream AdventureX?

We may end up livestreaming elements of the AdventureX Game Jam, but we’ve chosen not to try to recreate the AdventureX experience online. We could stream talks, however Narrascope 2020 has beaten us to it! They’ll be streaming talks (for free) from May 28 – June 4.

Over all, we think the community side of AdventureX is what makes it really special. Rather than trying to recreate it on Twitch, we think it will be more fun to try something totally new.