Tickets are now on sale for AdventureX 2022, and we wanted to announce a selection of the speakers who will be joining us on the 5th and 6th of November. These are just a handful of the developers who will feature in our 2022 schedule:

Mike Bithell @mikeBithell

Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell (Volume, John Wick Hex) released his first solo game, the Bafta-winning narrative platformer Thomas Was Alone, in 2012. His games tell stories and explore a range of mechanics, including puzzles, stealth and strategy, often with a sprinkling of sardonic humour.

Nina Roussakoff @steamgirlgame

Nina Roussakoff

Nina Roussakoff worked on Broken Sword 5 and Beyond a Steel Sky at Revolution, and was shortlisted for a 2020 Game Dev Hero Award in Writing + Narrative Design. Now the founder of Lovewish, a studio dedicated to the colourful fantasies of women and girls, Nina comes to AdventureX to explore choice design.

Aley Baracat @aley_baracat

Aley Baracat

Aley Baracat, an Immersive Experience Designer based in London, creates interactive installations, or playable experiences. Aley will discuss the importance of personal narratives in the games industry, exploring how storytelling can be therapeutic for the creator.

Mike Anderson @gravykun

Mike Anderson, founding member of POC in play, is a producer at ustwo and was a developer on the multi-award-winning Monument Valley games. Mike steps up to the AdventureX lectern to share insights from the upcoming Desta: a character-driven rogue-like telling stories through turn-based combat.

Yoyu Li @yoyu777uk

Yoyu Li

UK-based game studio Infinite Whys is developing Whispers of the West, a co-operative point and click murder mystery game. Infinite Whys founder and Google Women Developer Academy mentor, Yoyu Li explores the opportunities and challenges of storytelling in an multiplayer environment.

François Alliot @nerial

Francois Alliot

Following the success of his Reigns trilogy, François Alliot returns to AdventureX to talk about humour and the grotesque. Alliot likes his games to surprise players. For him, humour should not be a gimmick – it should be a tool.