The player meets the town greeter on a dirt track running through the western town of Rosewater.
A point-and-click western set in an alternate reality where an experimental new fuel has led to both riches and tragedy for its creator. Rosewater’s Harley Leger is supposed to be reporting on the daring exploits of frontier legend Gentleman Jake, when he draws her into a perilous adventure.

Loco Motive

The detective strides down an ornate 1930s train carriage.

Pleasingly nostalgic, with a memorable cast of characters and beautiful animation, Loco Motive evokes an atmosphere of luxury, danger and mystery. Explore the train and try to get to the bottom of a terrible murder.


The player encounters an odd-looking piece of software: "I zipped the ladder before using it..."
BACKFIREWALL_ is a quirky, tragicomic adventure set inside your smartphone. Solve puzzles, meet the doomed denizens of the phone and save operating system OS9 from deletion by preventing an update from being installed.


A monochrome, doglike creature of the crypt.
Cryptmaster is a gloriously over-the-top dungeon adventure full of playful and well-executed ideas. Defeat enemies by typing your attacks, solve word games to gain new powers, and even bluff your way around a floating eyeball.

Homunculus Hotel

Two hotel guests connect over a cup of tea.
Enter a hotel with a unique twist: each room is capable of showing the dreams of the guest within. Hard-hitting stories about the residents’ struggles, about life and how we survive it, are presented in the form of a beautifully realised visual novel.

Card Shark

Bewigged dignitaries play cards beneath a vast chandelier.
Evocative animation and music transport you to 18th century France in Card Shark. Join the Comte de Saint Germain on a mission to become rich by cheating in card games. Learn card magic techniques and get one over on historical figures like Voltaire.

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.

An anthropomorphic cat kneels pensively, his shadow becomes a window into the vastness of outer space. Yeah.
In this delightfully absurd point-and-click adventure, play as a down on his luck private investigator and anthropomorphic feline Albert Wilde. With strong characterisation and a distinctive aesthetic, Quantum P.I. offers a grainy monochrome world you will want to explore.

Arctic Awakening

A small fire burns in the wreckage of an aeroplane. Snow falls outside and a bright-eyed drone looks towards the player.
You have survived the plane crash, and now you must explore a harsh, frozen landscape with your AI drone companion “Alfie”. Arctic Awakening boasts impressive voice acting and a near-future setting that feels very real.


"Are you a priest or a poacher?" Asks the game. "What would the Suzerain of Serpents do with a dead familiar, other than mourn?"
Pay obeisance to a distant, possibly dead god. As the priest of a cult, prepare for the ritual and shape the world around you through your choices. Devotionalia is an interactive fiction that offers evocative writing and remarkable worldbuilding.


Esther, with her lute on her back, stands beside a rushing river. Ancient sandstone ruins rise before her.
Esther travels to a lost land where humans and animals lived in harmony, seeking the melody that can save her bear friend Batama. Sonority takes the player to a world of crumbling ruins, where challenging puzzles must be solved using musical notes.

Mothmen 1966

Among the pines at night. An enigmatic woman smokes a cigarette.

Mothmen 1966 is a “Pixel Pulp” visual novel, with an unmistakable and eerie EGA colour palette. Cryptic and cryptozoological, this Lynchian mystery tells an intriguing and original tale of North America’s legendary mothmen.

The Wreck

The doctor trying to get through to Junon, but Junon stares blankly into a fish tank where a small fish swims by.
Junon is a writer faced with an impossible choice after her mother has an aneurysm. Avoiding the decision, she retreats into her memories, stylishly presented with richly saturated visuals, witty dialogue choices and a neat “rewind” feature for exploring the protagonist’s past.

Westmark Legacy

The Westmark Legacy interface shows several cards the user can play, depicting runes and magical hand gestures.
Westmark Legacy is a deceptively simple Lovecraftian card-battler. This text-driven, turn-taking RPG offers funny and engaging writing, challenging gameplay and an appealingly grisly, Gothic atmosphere.

Arcadia Fallen

"Victoria twists her collar to revel the insignia of the third Paragon, and you feel dread run down your spine like ice."

Create your own character and define your personality in this quick-to-learn potion-mixing visual novel. As an apprentice alchemist, fight a war between humanity and magic and make choices that will impact on your relationships with a broad cast of characters in the fantasy world of Arcadia Fallen.


Death's daughter, Prim, sits at her gloomy writing desk.
PRIM is a charming point-and-click adventure game about Death’s daughter, who dreams that a boy from the Land of the Living is calling to her for help. Prim’s story features polished Burton-esque animation, funny characters, great voice acting and inventive puzzles.

Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders

The detective interviews the middle-class Emma Uhlich - a witness or a suspect? - while a handyman looks on.
The historical setting of Casebook 1899 feels particularly authentic, and will appeal to fans of classic whodunits. Interview witnesses, gather clues and make connections in your casebook as you investigate The Leipzig Murders.

We’ll always have Paris

The protagonist looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, eyeing his unkempt moustache critically.
We’ll always have Paris is a short, moving narrative about dementia. With its minimalist art style, the game invites you to piece together information about the lives and history of a married couple. Strong writing leads the player through a powerful series of realisations.

Midnight Girl

Cat burglar Monique warms her hands at the fire of a large French chateaux.
Midnight Girl is an extremely stylish heist game set in Paris. The gorgeous vector artwork creates a charming, relaxing atmosphere and the gameplay is a smooth blend of puzzles and highly accessible stealth challenges.

Chronique des Silencieux

Two investigators stand outside the door of a train toilet.
Chronique des Silencieux is an isometric, comic-book style detective adventure set in 1970s France. With a focus on Holmesian puzzle-solving, the interface allows the player to recap dialogue, gather documents and evidence, and challenges them to find connections – or contradictions.

Ghost on the Shore

A pair of translucent ghosts in historical dress reenact a scene from their life, in a fractured reconstruction of the island they lived on.
An intriguing exploration of an abandoned island, accompanied by a headstrong ghost. Ghost on the Shore is compelling, with superb music and interesting locations – but the heart of the game is your developing relationship with your invisible companion.